Good quality PU coated wire screen Aggregate,polyurethane screen plate in india price

Exploring the Benefits of Good Quality PU coated wire screen Aggregate in India: A Look at the Price and Performance 1. The…

Exploring the Benefits of Good Quality PU coated wire screen Aggregate in India: A Look at the Price and Performance

1. The service life of the highly wear-resistant polyurethane screen is 3-10 times longer than that of the metal wire mesh, which improves the operating rate and increases economic benefits;

  1. Unique structure, suitable elasticity and elasticity, can not only force the jammed materials to pass through the screen holes or escape from the screen holes, and become products under the screen or on the screen, but also can make the fine-grained materials pass through the screen bars due to the force of the screen bars. The second high-frequency vibration makes it impossible to adhere. It significantly reduces the clogging, cleans the surface of the product, and improves the screening efficiency;
  2. The polyurethane screen can absorb a large amount of impact, reduce noise, and improve the working environment;
  3. Horizontal tensioning, light weight, good flexibility, convenient installation and disassembly, and simple transportation and storage.

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